Special Projects

The Penthouse Salon

Celebrating Photo London 2021, Rankin opened their Kentish Town studio, Annroy studio, to the public for a weekend long event. Hosting a book signing of their latest publication, live talk, a tea tasting session with Tuuli Tea, an ‘Exploding World’ exhibition, Rankin also unveiled their latest project, The Penthouse Salon. One part gallery and one part luxury accommodation, The Penthouse Salon will provide a revolutionary location space, designed to be the perfect place to entertain, unwind and even take photographs.

Raising funds for The Care Workers Charity, Rankin embarked on his latest series, Embrace, published and captured during lockdown.
“Self-isolation gave me the opportunity to take a step back and reflect on the disconnectedness we were all feeling. For the first time in over 25 years, I was truly alone with my camera. The pandemic prevented me from capturing my usual subject matter – people – and provoked an entirely different artistic approach. Drawn to the flowers in my garden, I found myself shooting them like portraits, giving them personalities to bring them to life. I’ve always photographed people, so ‘Embrace’ marks an entirely new chapter in my portfolio.”

As the coronavirus pandemic began to unfold, Rankin was moved by the incredible efforts shown across the NHS. Each portrait displays the person’s individual stories, resilience and the courage they show every day in the face of real adversity.
The Infinite Faces of Intersexuality

In collaboration with Hunger Magazine, Rankin spotlighted the diversity of the intersex community.
Modern Romance

Rankin launched a new series of images for his, Hold Your Breath project. These pieces see Rankin exploring what modern love is, in all its raw, unretouched honesty. Part of an ongoing project, Hold Your Breath takes an intimate look at real relationships with the candid honesty that Rankin is known for.
Selfie Harm

For Rankin’s latest series, Selfie Harm for M&C Saatchi’s Visual Diet project, Rankin photographed 15 teenagers & handed them the image to then edit & filter until they felt the image was ‘social media ready’. “People are mimicking their idols, making their eyes bigger, their nose smaller and their skin brighter, and all for social media likes. It’s just another reason why we are living in a world of FOMO, sadness, increased anxiety, and Snapchat dysmorphia. It’s time to acknowledge the damaging effects that social media has on people’s self-image”. – Rankin

Rankin has captured a series of fun and intimate portraits of steaming hot faces you’ll recognise. Doing their best to hide behind the humble cuppa, these pearly whites and glittering eyes unveiled with Rankin’s signature style, take the term ‘mugshot’ to a whole new realm.
Mother’s Day 2019

Four years ago, as a treat for Mother’s Day, Rankin gave everyone in his office a golden ticket to be pictured with their mum in the studio. This year, Rankin decided to do it all over again on a bigger scale and with a wider audience to really spread the message.
Beyond The Invisible

Beyond The Invisible is a photography and film-led exploration of the debilitating invisible illness, endometriosis, as told through the powerful stories of women who suffer from the condition.

The exhibition, which features portraits of a variety of women, including TV presenter Julia Bradbury and journalist Emma Barnett, uses augmented reality technology to unlock short films that tell the real life stories of adversity, perseverance and hope, behind the imagery. You can download the app by searching for ‘Beyond The Invisible AR’ on the iOS App store or Google Play Store
30 Years of Fashion Photography

Edited by the photographer himself, and drawing from thirty years of work, this is the first retrospective of Rankin’s full career in fashion photography. Presented in reverse chronology, with a nod to a continuing spirit of contradiction, Unfashionable moves from Rankin’s most iconic portraiture and documentary work through, his ground breaking fashion shoots, and back to his earliest Polaroids.
With contributions from Rankin and several of his influences, peers, subjects, and admirers, this is the definitive look at one of the most profound influences on fashion and photography working today.
Changing Faces

The fashion industry was brought face-to-face with its narrow standards of beauty London Fashion Week 2018, through a unique collaboration between Rankin, designer Steven Tai and the Charity Changing Faces.
Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary

To celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th Birthday, Rankin teamed up with Academy PR and shot Mickey with some of his die-hard fans in honour of the little guy and his unparalleled legacy.
Love Muppets

In collaboration with Love Magazine, The Muppets took over Rankin studio with a roll-call of it-models for Day 25 of the Love Advent Calendar 2017, culminating in stylish stills and a comedy short film.
The Cast

“The Cast” started life as a collaboration with the British Independent Film Awards, documenting the great and the good of the British film industry. Rankin has continually added to it over the years, and the result is a beautiful collection of portraits of the likes of Daniel Craig, Dame Helen Mirren and Bill Nighy.
No Body’s Perfect

“No Body’s Perfect” is a BBC documentary from Reef Television, artist Alison Lapper and Rankin. Inviting people struggling with self-image into the studio for a photo shoot, they explore the worlds of digital photography, social media and selfies, debating the affect they have on our sense of identity.
Light Up The Room

As part of the regeneration of London’s iconic Southbank Centre, Rankin shot a series of portraits of British cultural figures. Titled Light Up The Room: Portraits by Rankin, the pop-up exhibition took place in December 2016 at Royal Festival Hall and featured the likes of Grayson Perry, Joanna Lumley and Marc Almond.
The Hunger Book

Hunger Magazine present a greatest hits scrapbook of their five years and ten issues. Taking a look behind-the-scenes, The Hunger Book brings together unseen footage and stills, alongside celebrity anecdotes from the magazine’s featured superstar talent.
Effects of War

Those returning home from war zones carry both mental and physical scars, facing extensive recuperation periods. A collection of stark portraits, stripping away stigma by focusing on these men and women’s faces and personalities.
My Body Back

My Body Back provides long-term health care for the 1-in-3 women worldwide who have experienced some form of sexual violence. Shot by Rankin, this campaign empowers women to reclaim their voice and the visions of who they are – and be unapologetic in doing so. The participants had their own phrases and responses painted on their bodies and shot in close ups, a visually powerful confrontation of a shockingly all-too-common issue.
Mother’s Day Special

Rankin has shot everyone from the Queen of England to the Queen of Pop. But earlier this year he staged one of his most unique shoots to date. Rankin extended an invitation to the mothers of Rankin Photography and Hunger magazine to come down to the studio for a day of pampering and a portrait taken by him.
Andrew Gallimore by Rankin

Rankin teams up with Hunger’s very own visionary Beauty-Editor-At-Large for the latest instalment in Rankin’s beauty book series, Andrew Gallimore by Rankin. With a creative partnership spanning several years, the pair’s most recent project documents their most arresting work to date as well as featuring new material shot exclusively for this hard-bound coffee table book.

Giving the finger, flipping the bird, up yours! For hundreds of years the middle finger (or two if you’re from Great Britain) has been the wordless insult of choice for people the world over – regardless of what phraseology you choose to accompany it. And it’s this age-old sign that Rankin has chosen to focus on in his latest book, F*ck Y*u.

Created for ‘The Fearless’ issue of The Hunger, Rankin dressed the models in nothing but glitter and tape.
Tuuli by Dar

‘Tuuli by DAR’ comprises a series of unique & beautiful images, each of which see Tuuli transformed by DAR’s creative director. Inspired by the art series ‘DAR THE BOOK’, Johny Dar’s designs were painted directly onto Tuuli’s body: twelve intricate, original motifs weave across her bare skin. Rankin’s lens captures the beauty of the female form. This limited edition calendar was published in November by Rankin Photography and distributed by Turnaround Publisher Services.
ALIVE in the face of death

Death affects us all, it’s inevitable, we know that. But what we don’t know is how we’d react when staring death in the face and given a time frame to live by.

For Alive I photographed and got to know people touched by death – those battling terminal illness, those who have faced near death experiences and those who have lived against the odds. I also looked into the views of workers in the death industry, from embalmers to coffin-makers.

ALIVE was filmed for a BBC documentary summer 2013 and a public exhibition was held in May 2013 at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.
Spirit of Ecstasy

The Spirit of Ecstasy, the enigmatic symbol of Rolls-Royce, celebrates her centenary in 2011.

To commemorate the occasion, Rolls Royce Motor Cars commissioned Rankin to create a series of one hundred contemporary images, each one inspired by the Spirit of Ecstasy.
Ayami Nishimura by Rankin

Photographer Rankin presents the second in his beauty book series – collaborating with avant garde makeup artist, Ayami Nishimura. The book presents a collection of enchanting and distinctive beauty portraits, which push the boundaries of makeup artistry to the limit.
Rankin Portraits

Rankin has selected arresting images of iconic personalities such as Kate Moss, Adele and Terence Stamp for his latest book celebrating icons of our generation. Portraits united some of Rankin’s most recognisable portraiture with a collection of previously unseen works.

The book was produced in collaboration with Sea Design and Robert Horne.
One Dress

One Dress brings together an eclectic group of personalities, models and celebrities from different disciplines and backgrounds, all of whom project their personality and individuality through the wearing of the same iconic Gucci dress. The project is also a tribute to many of the women that have influenced and inspired Rankin over the years, and participants include Daphne Selfe, Jodie Kidd, Marianne Faithful, Nicole and Natalie Appleton, and Carmen Consoli.
Caroline Saulnier by Rankin

As two of the most respected practitioners of their professions, photographer Rankin and makeup artist Caroline Saulnier have come together to create a beauty book of stunning artistry and the third in Rankin’s series. The special collaboration showcases the talent and strong aesthetic styles of both artists in a series of sensual, visually compelling images.
Couture in the 21st Century.

In this collaboration with Harrods, Rankin has captured designers in personal portraits, capturing their personality humor and style. Featuring interviews with names such as Prada, Oscar de la Renta and Paul Smith, the book focuses on the importance of considering past movements in fashion and how those ideas work as a foundation for future design.
Myths, Monsters and Legends

Long-term friends Rankin and artist Damien Hirst, come together in a collaboration, titled, ‘Myths, Monsters and Legends.’ The pair leverage their respective creative mediums and shared dark wit in a project born out of a joint fascination with the ancient world, an interest in contextualising it in a modern environment. ‘Myths, Monsters and Legends’ is an exploration of imagined narratives and monsters of past civilisations, viewed through a modern lens.
Me Me Me

Self-portraits and role-play have been an area of expression within Rankin’s work throughout his career. Rankin de-constructs the illusion of self-representation in this series of portraits of himself. Digitally manipulated and hyper-real, they poke a humorous and irreverent stick at his own self-image, ranging from himself as a pointed-eared hairy pig, to his own bride to be, morphing into Kate Moss and Claudia Schiffer, a human glitter ball and even The Spice Girls!

In a rare opportunity for him to return to his beloved Scotland, Rankin shot 1,000 polaroids to promote Macallan’s 30 year old, single malt whiskey.

Exploring every nook and cranny of the Macallan Estate this series of images beautifully contrasts the artistic nude studies of Tuuli alongside shots of the brewery, distillery, still-lives and the Easter Elchies House.

In a rare opportunity for him to return to his beloved Scotland, Rankin shot 1,000 polaroids to promote Macallan’s 30 year old, single malt whiskey.

Exploring every nook and cranny of the Macallan Estate this series of images beautifully contrasts the artistic nude studies of Tuuli alongside shots of the brewery, distillery, still-lives and the Easter Elchies House.
Front Row

Front Row celebrates the contribution and extraordinary performances of many great artists and individuals including actress, Fiona Shaw, designer, Sir Terence Conran, author, Jacqueline Wilson and composer, Vladimir Ashkenazy.

A number of the portraits are still exhibited on London’s Southbank.

A photographic love letter to celebrate the truly special model and wife of Rankin: Tuuli. Regularly collaborating on a range of projects, this collection of images portrays the various sides of Tuuli, from the playful and innocent to the vulnerable and intimate.

Rankin says, “I have never before been so inspired by one person to photograph them again and again.”

For this deeply personal foray away from the unreal world of celebrity cover shoots and high-end image manipulation, it is fitting that Rankin chose the decidedly un-glam but universally familiar setting of a battered old sofa upon which to capture a characteristically honest and humorous study of sexual intimacy. Discarding their inhibitions, along with their underwear, some of the sexiest models and glamour girls on the planet willingly melded lips, lashes and cleavage with the seams and folds of the orange mock-leather sofa in Rankin’s old Dazed & Confused offices.

In Breeding Rankin shows his subtlety and depth. Here the images are contemplative and questioning. The inherent androgyny of many of the models is exaggerated, passing simple comment on human sexuality and how it is represented. Models include Kate Moss and Helena Christensen.

A fun set of images, Snog shows dozens of couples snogging for the world to see. These are volunteers, members of the public, untouched by make-up artists or stylists. Featuring boys kissing girls kissing men kissing older men kissing older women kissing younger men, Snog transcends any lurking prejudices by the sheer visible joy of the moment.
Wax Works

Rankin explores eyes playing tricks with this series of celebrity wax works.